Client Feedback

People around the Bay Area love working with the architects at Buchanan Opalach Architects. Here is what some recent clients have had to say about their experience with BOA.

10 out of 10

“We are very happy with the design of our home, and with the process. If we wanted to change something, Bethany was very open to it and made it even better than what we suggested. Fantastic. 10 out of 10.”

Kitchen interior designed by Buchanan Opalach Architects

Homeowner, San Luis Rd.

Berkeley, CA

Very happy about the final design

“We were very happy about the final design. Bethany was easy to work with, got back to us promptly, had a lot of good ideas, and was realistic about whether the things we wanted to do were feasible.”

Homeowner, Reliez Valley Rd.

Berkeley, CA

Elegant and functional

“The jewel of my home is the kitchen which BOA designed. It is elegant, functional and feels like you are in a tree house on a sunny day.”

Kitchen on Scout Rd. in Oakland designed by BOA

Homeowner, Scout Rd.

Berkeley, CA

Attention to detail and quick-thinking

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with BOA when I was getting started in my career, and they have remained my first choice for architects now that I’ve gone out on my own. Their attention to detail, quick-thinking when faced with on-site conditions, and ease of communication has kept them in my top spot for years.”

Contractor, Will Rutherford

Oakland, CA

Creative, warm, kind, and professional

“I interviewed a lot of talented architects, so I knew the level of design would be high. I chose Ed because, in addition to his skill, his personality was creative, warm, kind, and professional. I felt like he responded to me as a person.”

Kitchen interior designed by Buchanan Opalach Architects

Homeowner, Manoa St.

Oakland, CA

House, I love you

“I love our house more and more every single day. I literally walk through the house and say out loud (to no one but me, and maybe my dogs) – “House, I love you.”

Gorgeous living room with dark blue walls by BOA

Homeowner, Dexter Place

Cincinnati, OH

Cannot imagine a better design

“I am just so happy with the design that Bethany came up with for our addition. I cannot imagine a better design for this footprint or for our family.”

Homeowner, Lincoln Ave.

Oakland, CA

Attentive to our wants and needs

“Bethany listened to us about how we like to use our space indoors and out, and used it to create spacious rooms with a graceful flow. Bethany was a dream. She was so attentive to our wants and needs, and we love our home.”

Homeowner, 50th St.

North Oakland, CA

Cannot recommend BOA highly enough

“We love everything BOA has designed for us. Very soon, we hope to start phase III, a custom in-law unit in our backyard. We cannot recommend BOA highly enough.”

Fireplace and couches in Crocker Highlands home designed by BOA

Homeowner, Crocker Highlands

Oakland, CA

Far and away my favorite architect

“I have worked with Ed Buchanan for almost thirty years. I have built over 50 houses and countless remodels that he has designed – including three houses and one remodel that I have done for my own family.  He is far and away my favorite architect. His design sense as well as his knowledge of how things get built are unparalleled. The combination of those abilities as well as his sensitivity to his clients makes him my first choice for my projects and my first recommendation to anybody contemplating a project. He is simply the best!”

Contractor, Scott Cameron

Oakland, CA